Various fabrics used to make sofa covers

Home furnishings help us to enhance our homes and give them a stylish look. Every artifact and furnishing help to add to the theme and character of the home. They reflect the style and personality of the person who lives in the house. Sofa covers, for instance, is one such furnishing that can add color and style to the living room. Bland sofas can be dressed in a wide array of colors which helps to make them less boring.

Sofa covers can be of different kinds of fabric, some of which are listed below:

  • Cotton
    These sofa covers are inexpensive and can be easily maintained by washing. The cotton material is soft to touch but can be prone to shrinking and discoloration when washed too much. Hence, it is necessary to read the care instructions on the label before washing them.
  • Microfiber
    Covers of this material are made of synthetic fibers but are still within the realms of affordability. These covers go with any kind of sofa and home decor so one does not have to worry about it standing out or looking odd. It can be cleaned with the help of a cloth that is slightly wet. It has great moisture wicking capacity which helps it to dry quicker in case of liquid spills. This type of material can also resist dirt stains.
  • Velvet
    If a vintage look is desired for the house, then a velvet sofa cover is the best bet. It offers a regal splendor to not only the sofa but also the house. Moreover, it has great longevity. The diversity of color and size also exists but be sure to purchase a cover that is resistant to flames as some variations of velvet covers are extremely inflammable.
  • Twill
    These covers are not only durable but also affordable. The weaving on the fabric gives it a unique pattern. Be sure to, however, buy twill sofa covers with as many interwoven threads as possible. This will make the cover more durable and will increase its longevity.

So these are the different materials from which sofa covers can be made. Choose one according to your preference today!

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