Top online MBA programs of 2019

Education is the cornerstone of a successful career and your future. However, circumstances can force you to take up work right after graduation to fulfill family and other obligations. That does not mean you can never make the time for further studies. Many universities in association with the top business schools offer online MBA programs enabling working professionals like you to get a business degree in your favorite field of study.

Here are three of the best online MBA programs you can explore this year.

University of Florida
The AACSB-accredited university has been offering online long-distance programs for management courses since 1999. The Warrington College of Business in collaboration with the University of Florida offers online MBA degrees in three distinct formats. These include a fully online course, a one-year hybrid program, or a two-year hybrid program for aspiring candidates. Online MBA programs allow professionals to benefit from the flexibility of the curriculum. The online format requires candidates to spend no more than 15 hours on coursework every week. The one-year hybrid program is best suited for students who already have an academic business background. Alternatively, the two-year hybrid program is recommended for applicants who don’t have any business expertise.

Johns Hopkins University
Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School offers some of the best online MBA programs and hybrid courses. The curriculum is split up into core business management and elective courses. The online programs also grant access to the university’s academic and professional resources. These include access to the advisory committee, the library, technology services, student services, and support for career development. The program also increases your networking opportunities to secure employment or explore career transition options with experts under their guidance. The management program has a much broader scope in the industry with placements in sectors including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and healthcare to fulfill consulting positions.

Carnegie Mellon University
The Tepper Business School in association with Carnegie Melon University offers one of the best online MBA programs. The hybrid programs mainly focus on strategic analysis and leadership development for working professionals. The program is a mix of regular online coursework and virtual class meetings taught by professors on campus. The management program features concentration and specialization course options to explore curriculum and career opportunities in mainstream jobs. Specialization opens up job opportunities in business analytics, the energy sector, entrepreneurship, management, and product development.

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