Top 3 universities offering online degree options for seniors

There is no restriction on age when it comes to completing a college degree. If you want to get a college degree during your golden years but can’t attend college, fret not as today, numerous universities offer online degree options to seniors. Here are the top three universities seniors can consider to get an online degree:

University of Washington
University of Washington is one of the best places to find online degree options for seniors. With 17 online degree programs available, you can easily complete the course from any location. The online degree options offered by the University of Washington can be completed in 1-6 years. Some of the online degree options here include Bachelor of Arts in Early Care and Education, Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences, Master of Aerospace Engineering, Master of Library and Information Science, and Master of Science in Construction Management, to name a few.

Mississippi State University
With more than 40 online degree programs, Mississippi State University is one of the top choices for seniors looking to complete a degree course. The online degree program here includes undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs. You can choose from a variety of subjects ranging from psychology, engineering, and teaching to biology, forestry, and business. When it comes to degree options for seniors, Mississippi State University offers free online degrees. Tuition waivers are available to those who are 60 years and older, but they must be residents of Mississippi. If a senior fulfills the required criteria, he or she is eligible for tuition waivers for up to 18 credit hours in a year. Seniors who are worried about learning through online programs can access the online support forums provided by the university.

University of Minnesota
The University of Minnesota offers numerous online degree options for seniors, including 12 online graduate degree course, 17 online bachelor’s degree programs, and 21 certificate programs. From information technology, accounting, finance, to psychology and business administration, seniors can choose from a wide range of subjects. If you are a senior and resident of Minnesota, you are eligible for a $10 discount per credit. But you will need to pay for study materials, lab fees, and other course-related expenses.

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