Things to know about air filters and air purifiers

Air filters are essential in to keep the dust particles away and keep the air clean. One important aspect that is usually neglected is the cleanliness of the air filter. With time, the air filter gets blocked with huge deposits dirt and grime which can restrict its efficiency. This may allow a smooth passage to the pollutants and particulate matter for entering the engine. Replacing the air filter is a much easier and inexpensive task than getting the entire engine repaired.

Also, air filters have been known to enhance indoor air quality and are placed inside houses and commercial buildings to improve the occupants health and well being. With pollution increasing at alarming levels, air filtration becomes the need of the hour. Architects have now started considering air filtration as a necessary component of the building blueprint. A properly ventilated structure will always have a high degree of air quality.

Air purifiers work wonders in upgrading the air quality in a room. These are used by individuals who suffer from some form of allergy or asthma. Also, air purifiers are placed in buildings which lack adequate ventilation. These may use filters, activated carbon, ionized purifiers, thermodynamic sterilization and other processes to purify the air. Certain plants such as Chlorophytumcomosum may work as natural air purifiers.

Though air filters can be customized as per the requirement, following are the most common types found:

HEPA air filter – High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing filters are the most efficient form of air filters that have the capability of eliminating 99.97% of pollutants. Fiberglass is the main component of this filter.

Ionic filters – The anions generated by these filters attract particulate matter, which after coming in contact with the negatively charged ions gets deionized and is subsequently removed.

Antibacterial and germicidal filters – These air filters use high-intensity ultraviolet rays that neutralize the pollutants. These can be productive only if the exposure to the rays is for a specific duration.

Fiberglass filter–This widely used air filter contains a mix of layers of fiberglass wherein the fiber is placed perpendicularly to the flow of air.

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