The ultimate family friendly SUVs of 2017

The SUVs of 2017 are brimming with numerous sophisticated features. Choose your favorites from among them for delightful and pleasant rides, because like most regular commercial businesses, car manufacturers too are identifying the conveniences and luxuries that children delight in having, and are useful too.

Car seats! One of the first things we think about when we have a child riding in the car. From the time a baby is born, till they grow up to be 13 years old, where they are seated in a moving car is very important to ensure their safety. The full LATCH system of securing child seats is available in SUVs like the Toyota Sienna and Audi Q7. In some models of Volvo SUVs, there is an integrated booster cushion that enables the easy use of the seatbelt for school aged children. And, for older children who are required to use the 3rd row seats, the ‘easy-tumble’ second row seats that fold and slide forward at the touch of a button is available to comfortably let them in or out of SUVs like the Honda Pilot and Nissan Pathfinder.

A rear seat entertainment system in the SUVs of 2017 like the Chrysler Pacifica or Toyota Sienna, has become more of an essential equipment than a luxury. Apart from keeping them occupied on long road trips, the ability to connect a multitude of gadgets for games, videos, apps or even a GPS system lets kids find out the distance and time to their destinations themselves, without having to constantly nag adults.

Also, to keep your conversations with them going on in an interactive way in your roomy utility vehicles such as the Toyota Highlander or Kia Sedona, there are convex mirrors that gives the drivers a better view of the back seats, where the children are seated.

When kids are involved, mess happens. With trips to the school, baseball practices, swimming lessons, parties, or the park being a regular feature, tidying up the SUV frequently is a must. To ease this process, SUVs such as the Honda Odyssey and Chrysler Pacifica come equipped with a vacuum cleaner.

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