Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you access this website or any other website that is being operated by, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned in this privacy policy. This also applies to the divisions, subsidiaries, as well as related companies of, which are collectively referred to as “ sites”. These terms and conditions are applicable whether you are a “Visitor” who is browsing sites or if you are a “Member” that has registered with sites. The terms “User” and “You” will refer to both Visitors and Members.

The policy will describe the collection of information, its use, as well as dissemination practices of along with its subsidiaries as well as affiliates (collectively be referred to as “The COMPANY”) and applies to the Company’s use, storage, as well as disclosure of information done by the Company on sites. If you would like to register as a Member, you would be required to accept the terms and conditions in this privacy policy and can do so by selecting the “Accept Button”. If you are unwilling to be bound by these terms and conditions, kindly select the “Do Not Accept” button. You are not permitted to register if you select the “Do Not Accept” button or if you are unwilling to be bound by any of the terms and conditions mentioned in this policy. This privacy policy is also incorporated and subject to the terms and conditions set by So, before you select the Agree button, it is recommended that you save a local copy of these terms and conditions as a record. If you do not register at but would like to view the contents of the sites as a Visitor, it will be considered as an acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions mentioned below, please do not provide any information or use any of the services provided by and its sites.

Note that the Company may change any of the terms and conditions mentioned in the privacy policy at any point in time and for any reason after providing you with a notice of change. This notice of change will be shared on sites or will be shared via email. If any of these changes are unacceptable to you, please discontinue the use of Any notice of change coupled with you continuing to use the website will be considered as consent to the changes made in the new privacy policy.

Also, note that the COMPANY is not responsible for the collection of information as well as the privacy policies of third-party websites as well as clients and applications. This Privacy Policy is exclusive to the various information practices concerning the websites. While this website contains various links to other third-party sites, keep in mind that is not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites. If you choose to follow a link to a different website, you must read their privacy policy carefully.

Personal information that is collected on this website:

  • Visitor: When it comes to Visitors, no personally identifiable information is collected on This is also applicable to the various sites, divisions, as well as affiliates of
  • Members: When it comes to Members, collects personally identifiable information. This is gathered on the “register here” pages. The fields of personal information collected include name, address, phone number, email address, gender, age, as well as other information that is deemed necessary by the system to provide you with the information based on your request. Note that all personal information submitted by a Member continues to be the property of the Member itself. Also note that when the Member submits information to the COMPANY, they are granting them rights to use the information for purposes mentioned below.

Information not collected from children sites were created for general audiences and were intended to be used by adults. Note that and its sites were not intended for children. The Company does not knowingly solicit, collect, or even attract personal information from or about USERs who are under the age of 13. The safety of children is of supreme importance to the Company and therefore we strongly recommend that parents preview and read through the terms and conditions of This will ensure that the sites are only being used by those above the age of 13.

Usage of personal information

The COMPANY collects personal information from Members only to provide them with requested services. This includes displaying customized content and advertising. The COMPANY may also disclose, transfer, lease, or even sell Members’ personal information to third-party businesses and entities that are affiliated with the COMPANY. We may also join with other businesses to bring opportunities to the Members who have registered with sites. This means that we could be using personal information provided by Members to provide a wide range of promotional offers including but not limited to email advertising, telephone marketing, direct mail marketing, and even package stuffers and online banner advertising. All of these and more will be cumulatively referred to as “promotions”. The third parties may include providers of direct marketing services as well as applications that include lookup and reference, data enhancement, suppression, and validation. The information collected may also be used to enhance the content provided and can be considered for feedback purposes. The COMPANY may also use your information for auditing, research, and analysis purposes. This helps improve the technologies and services provided by sites. The personal information may also be sold or shared in case the COMPANY is sold or acquired or if necessary,

Legal proceedings

The COMPANY may also disclose the personal information of a Member under a subpoena or if under any other judicial or administrative order where it is required by law. We will also share personally identifiable information at our sole discretion if we deem it necessary to protect the safety of the individual or the public or even to prevent violation of the rights of the COMPANY or a third party.

Email and unsubscribe policy

As mentioned before, the company uses personally identifiable information of a Member to send promotions. This includes both individuals as well as clients of the company. The company may maintain separate email address lists that can be used for different purposes. To discontinue these promotional email services, the Member can unsubscribe from this service.

The company’s unsubscribe policy only impacts the future delivery of these electronic mailings that are sent out by the company on its own behalf. Members should note that unsubscribing from these electronic mailings will not unsubscribe their information from any third-party businesses. Many third-party businesses maintain separate databases aside from the company. Not that the Member will need to individually unsubscribe from each source.

Wireless addresses

If the email address provided by the Member to the company is wireless, the Member agrees to receive messages from the company and its business associates until the Member elects to unsubscribe from this service. To do this, the Member needs to follow all the steps outlined in the unsubscribe portion of the privacy policy. And Members are aware that standard rates will be applicable to these messages.

Security used
The company uses standard security measures to prevent the loss, misuse, and alteration of personal information shared by the Member. Although all these measures are taken to store the information that has been collected by, we cannot guarantee complete security. We focus on creating a safe and secure operating environment that is not available to the public while ensuring the integrity and security of the network. There is no guarantee that these measures can completely prevent third-party hackers from illegally obtaining this information.

Financial information
In certain cases, sites may collect credit card numbers, bank account numbers as well as other related financial information such as the expiry date on the credit card. This information submitted to us is encrypted and protected with the help of SSL encryption software. Also, note that information is only collected for the purposes of processing and completing online transactions. Any financial information that is shared with third parties will only be done to complete the transaction. does not sell or distribute financial information to third parties in any manner.

Anonymous information collected on this website sites record anonymous data such as traffic logs, number of visits to the page, number of clicks on a given page, links to our sites, as well as the number of pages viewed. We also use Ip addresses and cookies to gather statistics on the website. These IP addresses are stored on our own servers to discover the cause of corruption in the occurrence of such an event.

This anonymous data is aggregated as part of managing and maintaining as well as reporting the use of sites. This anonymous data can be shared with third parties for limited purposes of reporting the use of sites or simply to comply with the law. Note that we do not sell, share, or even rent out the anonymous data that is collected on sites for marketing purposes. None of the anonymous data collected is linked to personally identifiable data that is collected from Members. also makes no effort to link IP addresses to users who visit our sites.

Cookies, web beacons, and other information collected using technology uses cookies as well as web beacon technologies to link certain internet-related information about Visitors and Members to information stored on our database.

Third-party advertising also uses third-party advertising companies to serve ads to those who visit our sites. These third-party companies typically use information about your visits to the company’s websites to serve ads to you. In the course of the advertisements being served, the companies may place or even recognize their own cookies on your browser. In addition to this, sites may also use web beacons that are provided by third parties to manage online advertising. Web beacons allow us to recognize the browser cookies when a particular browser visits the website. It also allows us to learn which advertisements bring the users to our website.


Cookies are chunks of data that are created by a web server, delivered with the help of a browser, and stored on the local computer. Cookies allow the website to keep track of your online patterns as well as preferences. It also allows a particular website to identify the user when they return to the website. The main aim of cookies is to simplify the personalization of the individual’s web experience. Such experiences would include not re-entering your information from scratch when you revisit a website and so on. Note that all individuals who use have to accept cookies in order to use all the features on the website.

Web beacons

In simple terms, a web beacon is a piece of programming code that allows an image to be displayed on a web page. But, aside from this web beacons can also be used to transfer the unique user ID in the form of a cookie to a database. The database allows the website to associate previously acquired information of an individual. Web beacons also allow the website to track the different websites visited by the individual and can be used to determine the interests of the individual. Web beacons also help with behavior tracking and aid marketing purposes.

Usage tracking and log files

The company tracks information pertaining to various email and web pages viewed by the Members. We also track information related to hyperlinks clicked on by the Members while viewing emails spent out by us or while visiting the website. This tracking and monitoring are done with the help of log files.

The company also tracks the IP addresses of the Visitors to help diagnose problems faced by the server and to administer IP addresses are unique identification numbers assigned to each computer that is connected to the internet. The IP addresses can also help identify the user during a particular session and help gather demographic information.

Links to external websites

Emails that are sent out by, as well as our website, may contain links to various external websites that are not owned or operated by the company. You can access these external websites once you click on the links and your information will be passed from the company’s database to the external website database. This is done to improve your overall internet experience and to aid convenience (pass information that can be used to pre-fill a form). The user acknowledges and agrees that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of such linked websites. It is also acknowledged that this privacy policy is not applicable to such external sites.

Note that the operators of such linked sites may collect different kinds of information from the Visitor and may even use or disclose this information in a different manner to that of To this end, we encourage all Members and Visitors to read through the privacy policy of such linked sites. The company disclaims all responsibility and liability pertaining to the actions of or formations contained on or collected by such linked sites.

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