MBAs offered by top-tier business schools

Most graduates who wish to build a strong career in business management pursue a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). Such a course is designed to groom students in a way that they can create solutions for daily hurdles faced in business models, making them ideal business partners of the future. This article focuses on MBA courses offered in varied fields by the best business schools in the country.

Boston University
Boston University offers 100% online MBA courses for both full- as well as part-time degrees. Their business school boasts of Questrom’s renowned faculty of over 50,000 Questrom alumni as well as over 330,000 Boston University alumni. Students can start applying for August 2022, for which the application deadline should be March 2022. The MBA degree requires six courses and takes between 24 and 36 months for completion. The tuition fee for Boston University’s MBA course is around $24,000.

Stanford University
Stanford University is among the best business schools in the country, with excellent career opportunities on offer post graduation. Students can opt for majors in their specific field, which may include finance, accounting, e-commerce, economics, management, and administration. This business school promises a great blend of rigorous courses, experiential learnings, and attending seminars with renowned leaders and researchers in the world of business as guest speakers. To get more information on a specific program, one must be admitted to the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Furthermore, interested students must show an institutional application as part of the required application materials.

University of Chicago
The Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago offers full- as well as part-time MBA degree courses. All MBA programs offered by the University of Chicago involve world-class faculty, competitive peers, influential networks, and experiential learning. While these aspects remain common across all programs, students get to choose their preferred format and schedule. That being said, Chicago University allows sudents to customize their course according to their convenience. The varied program formats include full-time, evening, weekend, and global executive MBAs. These courses can be completed within the range of 21 to 36 months, depending on the MBA program selected. This university also provides an ample amount of opportunities for undergraduates.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
The MBA programs offered by MIT include courses in business administration, management, international business, operations, and technology management. The first round of applications for August 2022 started in September 2021; the second and third rounds are dated as of January 2022 and April 2022, respectively. All graduates who are interested in applying for this course must make a note of these dates to get started with the new batch of August 2022. As for international MBA students who graduate from MIT, they can extend their training in the country by 24 months as the program qualifies for a STEM-designated degree.

Harvard University
Harvard University is well known all across the world, and students from every field are given the opportunity to acquire experiential learning, exposure to world-class faculty, ambitious peers, and influential networks. Along with full-time MBA programs, this business school also offers part-time as well as online courses. While the first round of the new academic year took place on September 08, 2021, the second round of applying for this MBA is scheduled with the deadline of January 04, 2022. As for the 2+2 applicants, the deadline of applying is April 28, 2022. Their three-step admission process includes a written application with a variety of materials for qualification.

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