7  rules to adhere to when you ride a bike

Biking can be a fun hobby. But this one requires you to stay safe as well. Whether you are riding on the roads or in the mountains, it is important to keep yourself safe. This can be done by following some really common safety rules. You might already know of these but it’s important to follow them too. Riders need to regularly remind themselves of the responsibility of keeping themselves safe.

Let’s us look at 7 common rules that you should follow to stay safe while biking.

  • Wear a Helmet
    It is really important to own a good helmet since saving your head can save your life. It is a great protector while driving. Get one that fits you well and ensures that you are well-protected.
  • Be visible
    Make sure that the car drivers are able to see you. When they see you, it will prevent them from bumping or hitting into you. So prevent being lost in traffic and wear noticeable accessories.
  • Stay alert
    It is important to stay alert while riding a bike. So make sure you don’t have a headphone or your Bluetooth speaker on while riding. Avoid talking to your buddies if you are traveling in a group.
  • Use hand signals
    Using your hands can be highly beneficial if you want to maneuver your way through the traffic. Hand signals help car drivers and other riders know what you are up to. Using the hands to show right or left works especially well in high traffic. That’s the time when your lights might not be visible to others.
  • Obey the Law
    A biker who follows traffic rules is the coolest. They are following an adventurous passion while staying safe. So follow the lights and be sincere about traffic laws.
  • Keep your focus
    It is important to keep your focus while riding a bike. So watch out for those ditches and boulders along the way.
  • Do a check
    Check your bike thoroughly before you take off. Make sure you check the systems and the brakes. Get-set-go!

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