5 popular cell phones for seniors

Having a smartphone is the need of an hour. Smartphones are easier to understand especially for seniors, who have difficulty in seeing and hearing. Seniors need smartphones to stay in touch with their near ones rather than for using social media or fancy apps. Some wireless services have introduced smartphones for seniors keeping in mind the usage and their flexibility.

Best cell phones for seniors
Senior cell phones need not be smart. Here are the best cell phones that seniors can use it to their advantage.

  • Jitterbug smart: Display is very crucial for seniors and the Jitterbug Smart does not disappoint. This Android phone has better viewing angles and a sharp screen. Jitterbug also has a one-touch button that gives 24/7 access to any medical emergency or assistance.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Galaxy is not specially made for seniors but it has certain features that any senior can easily relate to. There is a special feature called Easy Mode, which can enlarge the fonts and the screen. The massive battery size and fast charging give this phone a big thumbs up.
  • Blu Joy: A senior cell phone needs features like big buttons, bigger fonts, and a clear screen and Blu Joy fits the bill. The screen size is 2.4 inches and it has a larger numerical pad which is very handy for senior cell phones. Blu Joy also has a built-in SOS system which gives access to any emergency situation like police, hospital, or ambulance.
  • Emporia Essence plus: Get rid of higher phone bills with Emporia Essence Plus. It is a strong and sturdy phone which comes with its own charging dock like a cordless phone.
  • Apple iPhone 6S: The iPhone is best for seniors who do not know how to navigate smartphones. The display screen is comfortable for easy viewing. Moreover, the new iPhones come with fingerprint scanning to unlock the phone without the hassle of remembering the password.

Senior cell phones are the best-made devices for assisting seniors who have difficulty navigating smartphones but want easy access in case of an emergency situation. These cell phones for seniors are very reasonable and easy to use.

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