3 African safaris that will offer the best adventure

South Africa has always been the go-to destination for its slew of safaris to choose from. The mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises, glorious culture, wildlife spotting, rewarding walks through the bushes, and tantalizing traditional food will spoil you for choice. It is home to some iconic destinations and is bound to appeal to your holiday spirit.

The spectacular reserves are plenty and determining the perfect one can be quite a task. The process is especially overwhelming for first-timers.

If you cannot wrap your head around the ultimate location to pick from, we got you covered. Here are three national parks that will let you experience the best of the African safari:

Tanzania safari – Serengeti National Park: A pristine landscape, the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania offers just what you would expect from an African safari. It offers one of the best wildlife spectacles. You will find yourself enthralled as you watch wildebeest chase the rains. The wide expanse of plains to be covered can be a little tiring, but there is a measure of the feeling of being a very small dot while being surrounded by the wide lands of Africa.

Botswana safari – Kalahari desert: Looking for the purest form of adventure? If so, the Kalahari desert is your way to go. The 52,800-square-kilometer-long vast spread was traditionally known as Kgalagardi to the San Bushmen and represents the best of the wild. Camp amid the roar of the local lion or be amazed while watching the gemsbok pass by. Accessing the region can be very complicated as the reserve does not hold any facilities, and you will have to be led by an experienced tour operator. Despite the hurdles, this African safari will let you experience the adventure of a lifetime.

South African Safari – Kruger National Park: Known for housing the most diverse wildlife, it is huge enough to accommodate the wants of every safari enthusiast. It is equipped with an excellent road network, which allows for access across the deepest areas of the reserve. From the northern Pafuri Gate to the southern Crocodile Bridge, there are many breathtaking views to grasp. Taking the less-visited tracks toward the north are recommended to enjoy the best of this safari.

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